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Dalian Wanda Commercial Management Group Co., Ltd. (“DWCMG”) is the world’s largest commercial properties holding, managing and operating enterprise with 45.87 million square meters of property space which was established in September 2002. It is the sole business platform for commercial property investments and operations of Dalian Wanda Group.

As the end of 2018, it has opened 280 Wanda Plazas that include Beijing CBD Wanda Plaza, Shanghai Wujiaochang Wanda Plaza, Chengdu Jinniu Wanda Plaza, Kunming Xishan Wanda Plaza with 3.8 billion visits per year. DWCMG has set a world record by achieving a rental collection rate of over 99.5% in 13 consecutive years. The 11-year-old Annual International Commercial Convention held by DWCMG is the largest O2O meeting in the world that integrates both online and offline businesses.


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