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Home > TO HELP > Complaints/Suggestions

"Listening to feedback from our customers and providing an honest and unparalleled service to our customers” has always been Wanda Group’s principle."

To continuously improve our quality of service and create added value for our customers, the Wanda Group set up a department to address customers’ needs, complaints and suggestions as well as to monitor the overall service quality across all companies within the organization.

If you are unsatisfied with our products or services, please send your complaints or suggestions with your contact information to the following email address: wanda_cs@wanda.cn. Our customer service representative will respond to your inquiry within 10 days upon receiving your mail.

Thank you for your support and kindness. Thank you for choosing Wanda!

How to contact the Audit Center

Phone: 86-10-85853844
Email: sjb@wanda.cn


If during the course of business dealings with Wanda Group, you encounter any Wanda staff abusing power, asking for bribes, or manipulating tendering process, please report to our Audit Center. Please provide the following information in your report:
1. Your name, contact information, address, etc.
2. Name of individual you wish to report.
3. Time, location and description of incident.
4. Images, videos or other proof.

(Your information will be kept confidential)


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